EDC Competition Team

Don't Wish for It, Work for It

EDC Company Competitive dancers are some of the most well rounded dancers. We perform in two required competitions per year with many additional and optional competitions available.  We attend one required team dance conventions and perform in the Energy Half-Time Performance Show, Festival of the Arts and various entertainment venues.  Competitive dance is an important aspect of dance training as it prepares dancers for more than just performance with others in their dance studio and their communities, but the competing with peers from a variety of areas and skill levels. Competition encourages dancers to push past their comfort zone and challenge themselves to soar to new heights.

Awards and Recognition

Receiving trophies and medals is not our mission for our competitive dancers.  Even if your dancer is not looking to dance professionally, the benefits of competitive dance are endless. Competitive dance teaches children how to be outgoing, builds self-confidence, and teaches a sense of teamwork. The friendships and relationships are also important reasons why competitive dance is a wonderful addition to your child's dance education, as the dancers and parents become more like family than a team.

2018-19 Auditions

Parent & Dancer Meeting Friday, May 4th  7:00-8:00 PM

Parents and students should have a clear understanding of costs and commitments when considering becoming a part of  our competitive company. We feel a clear understanding of company life lets us focus on improving dance technique and have an exciting and amazing dance year!

Auditions $25 Audition Fee


All dancers must have hair in high bun and tan jazz shoes.

05/11   Ages 5-7     6-7:00 PM Must wear full black leotard and tan tights.

05/11  Ages 8-10   7:15-8:30 PM Must wear full black leotard and tan tights.

05/12  Ages 11-12 12:00-1:30 PM Must wear full black leotard and tan tights.

05/12  Ages 13+ 2:00-4:00 PM Optional full leotard or dance bra with jazz shorts. Please bring tan jazz shoes and pirouette shoes. No Tights.

Students may be asked to audition lower or higher than their age based on their technique, abilities and training. Please check with Director, Mrs. Kristen, for any questions or guidelines. 


Announcements will be made on Monday, May 14th after 1:00 pm. 

Dancers will be placed on one of these Competitive team.

EDC is proud to offer the following teams:

EDC Baby Team- Dancers ages 4-5 (this is a special team for our youngest Stars!) Parents of this age Group will be addressed separate from the rest of the teams because of age and requirements. 

Please email Mrs. Kristen if you are interested.



Tini Team- Dancers Ages 5-7

Mini Team- Dancers Ages 8-9

Junior Team- Dancers Ages 10-12

Teen Team- Dancers Ages 13-15

Senior Team- Dancers Ages 16-18

Teams maybe combined based on the number of dancers, age and ability involved in the audition process.

We thank you for your time, energy and support!